The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales in East Africa

The Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales are a Catholic religious group founded by Pierre-Marie Mermier in Annecy (France) in 1838. In 1845, nearly seven years later, the first Missionaries started their mission in India. The community grew considerably especially in the last 50 years. Meanwhile there are 1300 members, 95 % come from Indian. Now they are working in 23 countries. The first MSFS from India arrived in Tanzania in 1988. Since then eight further countries have joined this community.

Their mission is
  • pastoral work
  • ethical, technical and vocational education
  • school education
  • social work including the care of women, orphans and street children
  • youth work
  • research of alternative medicine

In 1988 four MSFS priest arrived in Tanzania, after Mario Mglunde, bishop of Tabora, had invited them it. After they had learnd the language and collected pastoral experience, they were commited with the parish Lububu soon after. The mission got more and more priests and seminars. The MSFS overtook different missions in other dioceses and founded kindergarten, primary schools and vocational schools among other things.The mission spread over Kenya in 1997, and in 2002 over Uganda. There are currently 46 priests and 48 candidates for priesthood in East Africa.

lububu_church itaga_church
Lububu Church, Presbytery Itaga Church

The MSFS soon took over varios missions in other dioceses and they founded kindergardens, primary schools and vocational schools among others.

The missionaries have worked in Kenya since 1997 and in Uganda since 2002. The province of East Africa includes Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. At the moment there are 46 priests and 48 students of theology in East Africa.

Since 1988, a relatively short period of time, missionaries of St. Francis de Sales have been able to carry out the following projects:

  • 15 parishes with an average of 20 villages
  • 8 kindergardens and primary schools
  • 1 University
  • 2 vocational schools
  • 1 street children's home
  • 1 HIV / AIDS Center
  • 1 Project for blind people
  • 3 healthcare centers

All these facilities are conducted in cooparation with the local population. The church and the government as well are very grateful for the work of the missionaries, their function and their accomplishments.

ipuli holistic_healing_c
Tabora Ipuli Mission School Mermier Holistic Healing Centre