St. Jude’s Catholic Kriche (2001) Archdiocese of Tororo
P.O.  Box 575 Tororo, Uganda
The missionary presence of Fransalians began in the year 2001 at the invitation of Archbishop James Odongo of Tororo. It has 11 outstations and has 100000 Catholic population.




St. Bruno’s Catholic Church (2003) Archdiocese of Tororo
P. O. Box 489 Tororo
Agururu parish was entrusted to the Fransalians in 2003. It has around 1500 Catholic population.







Fr. Santhosh Paul referred:

"In Uganda we could visit the Ugandan Martyrs place as well as the Divine Mercy Shrine in our Osia parish Tororo. We, Fr. Provincial and me, went on the top of the mountain on Friday noon, January 31th, at 12. 30 Pm. After a short while I clicked some pictures of the cross and in one of the pictures the sign of the Divine Mercy Miraculously imprinted. There was no piece of cloud in the sky and the sun was shining so brightly. In all other pictures I could not see the image. I believe that it was truly a miracle."