Special Ministries

The founder, Director Father Sebastian Kuzhuppil, established it as an alternative medical centre with holistic and natural therapy. It serves almost 100 to 150 patients daily. The service is free, it works on voluntary contributions.

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It was established to provide service to eye patients in and around Morogoro. It is a project started in collaboration with the Rotary club of Karlstadt, Germany.

It is a venture of Fransanlian Scholastics. They animate the youth of Morogoro region through various programmes. These include one day seminars, the Fransalian youth festival and one day renewal programmes for university students. It also publishes and distributes different books on various subjects, such as youth, education, character formation, social awareness, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, etc. Fransalian Communications provides books that are published in East Africa and Asia.

It is a primary health centre for people around Lububu. The centre serves mothers and their children among other things. It promotes health awareness through education, awarness programmes, etc.

It is a voluntary counselling centre for the HIV/AIDS sick. It was established in the year 2007 and it is is run by the sisters of Ancillae Secular Institute.

Under this program we have trained a group of people who would function as trainers to educate the common folk on various aspects of HIV/AIDS and the related social problems. It has branches in Arusha, Morogro and Tabora.

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There are a lot of blind people in Tanzania. However there are only very few schools or development projects for them. Fransalians have come up with the innovative idea of establishing a self-reliant project for visually impaired people. The Bacher family from Nürnberg, Germany, played a very important role in the execution of this project in Tabora.

Simba clay for the blind Tabora