Travel Report

At the 24th. January 2020, the 5AK diploma thesis group led by Anja Brandstädter, Ines Brunner, Jana Kalischnig, Amélie Sitar and Carina Zingl presented their impressive trip to Tanzania together with their thesis supervisors Jutta Schneller and Iris Portschy.

Moderated by Felix Portschy, the students shared their overwhelming pictures and video sequences with the audience, which offered fascinating impressions of the country and its people. They talked about the background and preparation of their trip and impressively portrayed the living conditions of the local people, the educational system and the economic situation of the country. The highlight of the trip was the school visit, where the students visited “their" school class, which is being equipped with furniture and laptops thanks to their project.

A quartet of drummers provided the musical frame with traditional African music and of course the physical well-being was also taken care of during the following get-together in the auditorium.

The absolute highlight of the evening was the handing over of the donation cheque for € 12. 500,- to the head of the MSFS organisation, Mathew Thazhathukunnel. Due to the donations made at the presentation, the amount of donations has now increased to 13,560 euros. Through their social commitment, the committed young ladies make a significant and lasting contribution to improving the living conditions of the students in Tanzania, who are offered better educational and future opportunities through projects such as these.