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Schools of the Fransalians in East Africa

UJAMAA Sponsorship for children in Africa

Ujamaa is the Swahili term for "village community, family, sense of family and community".

The Tanzanian education and school system: Two years kindergarten (Pre-Primary School). The Primary School lasts seven years, after which there is the secondary School, which comprises a total of six school years - divided into four years (Form I - IV) plus two years up to the Higher School Certificate (Form V & VI).

The possibility to sponsor a child exists for the Kindergarten, Primary School, the Secondary School or for the whole school time. 

The amount of the school fees depends on the location of the school (close to the citiy/remote village school). It amounts to € 200,- to € 400,-/year and for the Primary School and € 500,- to € 1.000,-/year including boarding school for the Secondary School.

It is also possible for several sponsors to support a child together.

There are a lot of children here who need help. If you, your relatives or someone in your circle of friends are interested in sponsoring a student - the children will be very happy! With your support we can provide a good education for many children.

The heart of education is the education of heart. (Father Peter Mermier - Founder of the Religious Community of the Missionaries of St. Francis of Sales).