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    Province of East Africa

St. Francis de Sales
(1567 – 1622)


St. Francis de Sales was born on August 21 in 1567 in Château de Thorens near Annecy (France). He is the patron saint of the deaf-mute, writers, journalists and also of the cities Geneva, Annecy and Chambéry.

In 1593, he was ordained a priest and in 1594 he went to Chablais mission among the Calvinists.  Although, he had many challenges and difficulties, including an attempted murder on him, he brought the whole district back to the Catholicism by prayers, penitence, writing and public debates.

In 1602 St. Francis de Sales was appointed to be the bishop of Geneva. He was a good shepherd, a talented preacher and a spiritual guide for countless people. On 6 June 1610, he founded the “Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary”, together with Jane Frances de Chantal. St. Francis de Sales passed away at the age of 55 of cerebral haemorrhage at Lyons on 28 December 1622. He was buried on January 24th at Annecy. He was beatified in 1662 and was canonized in 1665. Pope Pius X declared him as the Doctor of the Church in 1877.

His most famous books are

- Introduction to the Devout Life
- Treatise on the Love of God

Both books are considered spiritual classics.

For more information about St. Francis de Sales visit the following page: www.franzvonsaleslexikon.de